Rosary CDs and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Catholic Rosary CDs

Catholic Rosary CDs ~ Traditional, Musical, Scriptural, Meditative!

A Rosary CD is a great way to mix-up your Rosary Prayer time!

There are many types of Rosary CDs to choose from at the Saints Market Catholic Gifts Store. We carry : Traditional Rosary CDs, Irish Tenor Rosary CDs, Combination Rosary and Divine Mercy CDs, Sanctity of Human Life Rosary CDs, and Father Groeschel’s Rosary CD with Simonetta.

Each of these different type of Rosary CDs are wonderful in their own way!

The Traditional Rosary Cd that we carry is called The Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. This wonderful CD has lovely meditations on each mystery of the rosary and a bonus of meditations on the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. These meditations on the Divine Mercy allow a person to visualize the Passion of Jesus as we pray for the Father’s mercy. These mediations are taken from Saint Faustina’s Diary and are truly some of the best Chaplet devotions you will find.

The Irish Tenor Rosary Cd that you will find at the Saints Market Catholic Store is called Through the Eyes of His Mother. This wonderful Rosary Cd also contains meditations on the Divine Mercy. This Rosary – Divine Mercy Cd is highly recommended for musically oriented people. If God speaks to you in an auditory manner, you will certainly hear His voice through the beautiful Irish Tenor Music of Mark Forest. Also included are various songs such as Ave Maria, Amazing Grace, and others.

The Sanctity of Human Life Cd is called the Sanctity of Life Scriptural Rosary Cd.  This unusual Rosary Cd takes a different approach with four readers leading in two hours of scripture meditation. Nancy Scimone, an award-winning composer and soprano leads in praying the mystery melodies. This Cd is recommended for advanced rosary praying warriors!

Father Benedict Groeschel’s Rosary CDs are titled The Rosary is a Place and The Rosary is a Luminous Place. Father Groeschel made these CDs in conjuction with a lady named Simonetta. They are a mix of traditional meditations and folky singing and are recommended for all. The meditations are very insightful and done by Father Groeschel in a prayerful and intuitive manner. The music is added after each mystery and is very catchy. A person will find themselves singing the tune at later times during the day and it will bring their mind back to the rosary. It is highly recommended that the two CDs are purchased together for two reasons: 1) The two sets will give you all four sets of mysteries: Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, and Luminous and 2) You will love the first Cd so much you will wish you had the second.

To purchase these wonderful Rosary CDs and Divine Mercy CDs, please visit the Saints Market Catholic Gifts Store.

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